Top 10 Best Outdoor Projectors For 2020

Outdoor events are a common occurrence all over the world. They can span from private family functions, movies, to even high attendance events such as camps, park events and so on.

When it comes to outdoor projectors, there are several suppliers on Amazon. It becomes challenging to select the best outdoor projector, especially when you have no experience. We have solved this problem for you. Go through this outdoor projectors buying guide, and select the best outdoor projector that suits your requirements and preferences. After reading this guide, you will know the best outdoor projector, and the cheapest budget outdoor projectors.

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Best Outdoor Projectors Comparison Chart

Best Outdoor ProjectorBest Budget Outdoor ProjectorBest 3D Outdoor ProjectorBest Portable Outdoor Projector
Best Outdoor ProjectorBest Outdoor ProjectorBest Outdoor ProjectorBest Outdoor Projector
Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector VANKYO Leisure 510 HD Movie ProjectorBenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector
Best Outdoor ProjectorsGood Outdoor ProjectorsBest Outdoor ProjectorsGood Outdoor Projectors
Good Outdoor ProjectorGood Outdoor ProjectorGood Outdoor Projector
Epson Home Cinema 760HD Projector Optoma HD27HDR 1080p 4K HDR Projector Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector
Best Outdoor ProjectorBest Outdoor ProjectorBest Outdoor Projectors
ViewSonic 4K Projector  ViewSonic 1080p Projector ViewSonic PX727HD 1080p Projector

Reviews of The Best Outdoor Projectors

1. Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector


This projector has a 23000:1 contrast ratio – which is quite outstanding industry-wide. It has an 8000-hour lamp which translates into cost-effective operation. Produces very bright colours with stunning picture quality. There is a 10 watt built-in speaker with good sound output. Watching movies and playing games is perfect with this outdoor projector. Produces full HD (1080p) which is awesome for Blu-ray movies. If you are looking to project 3D content then this is also well-built for that. There is a MHL connectivity which makes it easy to connect mobile devices. The screen size range is from 66 inches from 8 feet to 107 inches from 12 feet. It has 2 HDMI ports, measures 9 by 11.7 by 3.7 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds.


We are giving this outdoor projector a 4.6 out of 5 rating. Brightness level and picture quality are tops here. It’s one of the best projector for outdoor movies. It is also quite easy to clean and produces good sound from the in-built speaker. Most users remark how that this projector is really good for outdoor visual display. It’s a pefect outdoor movie projector. This is the best outdoor projector for 2020.

  • Quiet operation
  • Great visuals – even for HD content
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Has an in-built speaker
  • Easy to clean
  • Light-weight and portable
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

2. VANKYO Leisure 510 HD Movie Projector 


This is a projector that has 4500 Lux, has a projection size of 230 inches. It supports 1080p, HDMI, VGA, and USB. The contrast ratio is 3000:1. It offers multiple connectivity for the likes of PCs, mobile devices, gaming consoles and so on. There are 2 built-in 3 watt speakers which produce appreciable sound output. It weighs 5.5 pounds and measures 5.9 by 12.8 by 13.4 inches in size. The throw ratio of this outdoor projector is a range that supports 44 to 200 inches with distances of 4.9 feet to 18 feet.


We are rating this outdoor projector 4.6 out of 5. This is a great projector for home, outdoor, business and gaming applications. The brightness level is pristine standing at 3500 lumens. The key attributes of this projector are durability, remote control, material quality, sound quality and picture quality. This is one of the best projector for outdoor movies. This is the best budget outdoor projector.

  • Quiet operation
  • Very cheap
  • Easy to mount
  • Great image clarity
  • Easy controls and plenty of inputs
  • The keystone feature is very limited in its usefulness

3. BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070)


This is a 3D home theatre projector with lens shift technology and RGBRGB colour wheel. This is a DLP projector which offers great contrast – combines as many as six different colours to create stunning visuals. It is a 1080p full HD projector which can project up to 200 inches. The contrast ratio is 10000:1 and the brightness level is 2000 lumens. It has 3D support for Blu-ray, video plus much more. There are 2 HDMI inputs and has built-in speakers. Has a long lamp life and it is optimized for great colour output whether being used during the day or during the night. This outdoor projector weighs 6.06 pounds and measures 9.6 by 12.3 by 4.1 inches in size. Screen range size is 60 inches to 180 inches.


The rating we are giving this outdoor projector is 4.5 out 5. Some of the outstanding features are picture quality and brightness. There is also remote control, good sound quality and material quality. This is the best 3D outdoor projector.

  • Easy to setup
  • Has built-in speakers
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Energy consumption i.e. you can save up to 70% of lamp power
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Can get somewhat hot when in use

4. Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector


This is a 720p image, video projector which can offer 30 to 150 inch images on TV. This outdoor projector works on the Android 7.1 platform and has dual 10 watt speakers. There is horizontal and vertical key-stoning thus you can project images at virtually any angle. There is also Bluetooth connectivity. You can actually use your mobile phone as a remote control. There is a broad span of compatibility namely, USB, smartphones, DVD, X-BOX, amongst others. It measures 7 inches in length, 4.8 inches in width and 5.43 inches in height; it weighs 3.94 pounds.


The Nebula brand is famed for providing immersive entertainment. We are giving it a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The battery life is good and so is the sound quality. It’s a very good outdoor movie projector. There is smooth remote control and has a good brightness level. Obviously one of its most outstanding features is portability. Most, if not all, projectors are portable but this one is in the upper tier. This is the best portable outdoor projector.

  • Very portable
  • Great visuals
  • Great immersive sound output
  • Adjusting picture settings can be problematic

5. Epson Home Cinema 760HD Projector


This outdoor projector has a colour brightness and white brightness of 3300 lumens. It is HDMI compatible, is a 3LCD projector and has built-in speakers. The contrast ratio is 200 000:1 and it is a 720p full HD widescreen projector. The lens have a 3-axis precision motorized mechanism – this makes it possible to shift the lens 47% left or right on the horizontal axis and 96% up or down on the vertical axis. Images of up to 300 inches i.e. 25x larger than a 60 inch flat panel in 720p can be achieved. It weighs 5.6 pounds and measures 11.9 by 9.2 by 3 inches in size.


We give this outdoor projector a rating of 4.4 out of 5. This is a higher performer with respect to material quality, picture quality, brightness, remote control and sound quality. Produces cinema or theatre-like experiences due to impeccable visuals. It’s among the best outdoor projectors on the market. It’s one of the best projector for outdoor movies.

  • Perfect for movies, gaming and streaming amongst others
  • Great compatibility with numerous devices e.g. tablets, smartphones, PCs, gaming consoles, TV sets, and digital cameras amongst others
  • Reasonably priced
  • Delicate i.e. prone to physical damage if not handled properly

6. Optoma HD27HDR 1080p 4K HDR Projector


This is a home theatre projector for gaming and movies with 120 Hz support and HDMI 2.0 support also. This outdoor projector has a contrast ratio of 50 000:1 and an extended high performance and low maintenance lamp life of 15 000 hours. It has 1080p HDR gaming mode which makes it compatible with 1080p HDR sources. Brightness level is at 3400 lumens, has a vertical keystone correction and a 10 watt built-in speaker. It weighs 6.2 pounds and measures 9.7 by 12.4 by 4.3 inches in size.


We rate this one 4.0 out of 5. This projector has impeccable picture quality, brightness level, remote control and sound quality. It is super easy to install and use; highly recommended for gaming applications. The 3D mode makes it very suitable for this era where 3D visuals are becoming commonplace. It’s one of the best outdoor projectors.

  • Offers lag-free gaming
  • Perfect for either indoor or outdoor use for gaming and movies
  • Great brightness level (3400 lumens)
  • Long lamp life (15 000 hours)
  • Flexibility in terms of connectivity – most gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices are supported owing to the HDMI 2.0
  • Very easy to install
  • Menu screen too small

7. Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector


This is a palm-sized 200 ANSI Lumen, 720p HD projector with Wi-Fi. It is a DLP projector with an 8 watt speaker, providing 100 inch pictures, supporting at least 5000 apps. By using Google Assistant you can actually voice-activate this outdoor projector. You can cast all your apps from your Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device through Chromecast. This outdoor projector produces consistent and continuous HD projection for up to 2.5 hours. Multiple connectivity available – HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Chromecast. It measures 5.9 inches in height, 3.14 inches in diameter and weighs 26.1 ounces.


We are giving this outdoor projector a rating of 4.2 out of 5. The 3 outstanding features of this projector are picture quality, remote control and brightness level. It’s one of the best projector for outdoor movies. As is the reputation of Nebula, this projector is very portable. The 2.5 hour continuous running time makes it easy to, for instance, watch a full movie outdoors with even some power to spare. It’s a very good outdoor projector.

  • Excellent visuals (720p DLP)
  • The sound output is quite immersive
  • Very portable
  • Super-fast charging
  • Some apps cannot load successfully

8. ViewSonic 4K Projector  


This is a 3500 lumen projector with HDR support and dual HDMI for home theatre. This outdoor projector can be used during the day or night (PX747-4K). It has 4K Ultra HD resolution and a long lamp life (of up to 15 000 hours) that reduces power consumption. It has a built-in 10 watt speaker. There are backlit remote control features with illuminated buttons. There is mounting flexibility with a very wide optical zoom. The dual HDMI feature makes it possible to connect various types of devices e.g. gaming consoles, digital cameras, and laptops amongst others. This outdoor projector weighs 9.26 pounds and measures 5.3 by 13.1 by 10.3 inches in size.


We have settled for a rating 4.0 out of 5 for this one. It has a very quiet operation and has high brightness. It is easy to install and use. It has great application for gaming due to the great picture quality. It’s among the best outdoor projectors.

  • High brightness
  • Stunning visuals (4x the clarity of full HD)
  • Big screen experience (up to 300 inches)
  • Long lamp life
  • Flexibility of connectivity
  • No lens shift

9. ViewSonic 1080p Projector


This outdoor projector is ideal for home entertainment with a brightness level of 3500 lumens. It has a full HD 1920×1080 native resolution. The design is user-friendly and intuitive. When viewing, frame by frame action is optimized due to ultra-low latency. That low latency makes gaming very smooth. You get to enjoy 3D movies and games. There is a broad connectivity framework that includes HDMI and USB. The long lamp life (up to 15 000 hours) reduces power consumption. It weighs 7.94 pounds and measures 5.3 by 13.1 by 10.3 inches in size.


We are giving this projector a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It’s one of the best outdoor projectors. This projector has great applications for gaming due to the low input latency we spoke of earlier. Picture quality is great and brightness level is quite high. There is good remote control and it is a very portable projector. It’s a good projector to use for outdoor movies.

  • You can experience movies and games on very big screens
  • Exceptional picture quality because of the 3500 lumen and 1080p setting
  • Reduced input latency which eliminates lags that can stifle things like gaming
  • Long lamp life (15 000 hours)
  • Connectivity options are broad e.g. for mobile devices, gaming consoles, PCs, MACs and so on
  • Remote not backlit

10. ViewSonic PX727HD 1080p Projector


This is a good projector for home theatre systems and gaming. It has the latest HDMI and can smoothly display 3D images. It has a reduced latency for gaming. This outdoor projector also has both horizontal and vertical keystone correction. It comes with a 10 watt built-in speaker. It also has a long lamp life (up to 20 000 hours) which reduces power consumption. This is an outdoor projector that supports any type of HD e.g. 720p, 1080p, and 1080i. It delivers great picture quality without any distortion. This projector has SuperColorTruCinema RGBRGB technology which gives it the capacity to produce realistic visuals. It also has a dedicated sports mode and has 3D compatibility. The projector weighs 8.14 pounds and measures 12.3 by 8.7 by 4.3 inches in size.


We are rating this outdoor projector 4.1 out of 5. Picture quality is really good and the sound output. Multiple connectivity options make this projector connectable to various platforms or devices. As earlier stated, most people actually love to use this projector for gaming or sporting applications. It’s among the best outdoor projectors on the market.

  • Reduced input latency which makes gaming and sports smooth
  • There is image correction due to the keystone correction
  • Several devices and input options supported e.g. PCs, gaming consoles, HDMI and USB just to mention a few
  • Easy to install
  • Noise when in operation is a bit too high

The best budget outdoor projector

The best budget cheapest outdoor projector is the VANKYO Leisure 510 HD Movie Projector. It’s a very cheap and highly rated outdoor projector.

Overall Best Outdoor Projector for 2020

The best outdoor projector for 2020 is the Optoma HD141X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theatre Projector. Some of the reasons why we have settled for this as the best outdoor projector, is one, the 23 000:1 contrast ratio – this makes it possible to produce stunning visuals. In fact, that contrast ratio is considered the best in the industry. Brightness level is also very good, standing at 3000 lumens. The other great thing about this projector is that it has a 10 watt built-in speaker which is quite convenient and produces good sound.

This a full HD projector i.e. 1080p, so the picture quality is outstanding. If you also want to project 3D content then this projector is a great pick because it is designed for that. HDMI and MHL connectivity broaden the flexibility of connectivity to even include mobile devices. Screen size range is significantly big which provides for a great entertainment experience. Gamers will find this projector immersive when they use it. This is undoubtedly the best outdoor projector.

Uses Of Outdoor Projectors

Typically projectors are used indoors or outdoors. The uses are mostly confined to watching video content such as movies or even going through images. They can also be used for streaming content or gaming purposes. Projectors are also common for use during PowerPoint presentations. The scales where they are used vary from home to corporate and industrial. Their uses are becoming even broader due to advancements in technology. The best outdoor projector to buy depends on what you want to use it for.

Types Of Outdoor Projectors

DLP (Direct Light Processing) Projectors

What differentiates this type of projector is that it combines many colours to produce great pictures. It can combine as many as 6 different colours to produce the ultimate visuals. Thus it’s one of the best outdoor projector to have.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Projectors

These projectors normally work using only 3 colours that they combine. This produces a less comprehensive output as compared to the DLP projector.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Projectors

These projectors function using a mechanism of tiny diodes that emit light to form visuals. These are regarded as the best types of outdoor projectors but they are pricey.

Advantages Of Outdoor Projectors Over TV

There are several advantages that projectors have over TV sets. Let us look at some of them here:

Customization In Terms Of Screen Size

TV sets have a fixed size for the screen with only some slight tweaks possible for some. However, for projectors you can resize to your needs be it big, medium size or small. You can do this by using basically any size of screen and by leveraging on the zoom feature of projectors. The aspect is that you can switch off the screen as it were i.e. by turning off the projector. This is not so for the TV set which even if you switch off will still be there in that space.


An outdoor projector is compact, lightweight and can be easily carried around unlike the TV set. This makes it easy to move the outdoor projector from one point to another. This can be with relation to actual movement from one location to another. It can also be with respect to moving it from one room to another e.g. living room to the bedroom. This also helps in ease of storage and also saving of space due to their small size. Thus a good outdoor projector should be portable.

Great For The Eyes

It is a well-established fact that bigger images or letters are less strenuous on the eyes. That makes watching projected visuals very good for your eyes. Direct light is more straining as compared to reflected (or projected light). Overall, projectors are a healthier option for your eyes when it comes to watching visuals.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Projector


You are probably aware of this feature as it applies to TV sets or cameras. It is basically a measure of the number of pixels the projector has. Remember we are talking about outdoor projectors thus the number of pixels should be high. This is important for the projection of high quality visuals since it will be outdoors. A projector with a 1080p resolution would be best for an outdoor projector. If we are to consider a lower (but appreciable) resolution it would be 720p. Aspects of resolution are up to your discretion and budget amongst other things. As a rule of thumb, any resolution under 720p is not recommended as the quality will be very poor.

Input Connections

This is an important consideration especially in light of the devices you will use the outdoor projector with. Let us discuss a common example of laptops. There are laptops that have HDMI ports or VGA ports whilst some have both. This is crucial because some projectors do not have HDMI ports but rather VGA ports or vice versa – in some cases both are there. So when looking to buy a projector you must be sure the device (e.g. laptop) you will be using will have ports that are compatible with the projector. Some people are not wary of this and only get to realize there are shortcomings after having bought a projector. So a good outdoor projector should have multiple input connections.


In case you are wondering, when we are talking about lumens we are referring to a measure of the amount of light the outdoor projector casts. In other words you can say it is a measure of the brightness of the outdoor projector. It is usually recommended that the number of lumens should start from 2000 go up. Essentially, you need a projector with a higher number of lumens if it is going to be used in an environment with lots of natural light. This means using an outdoor projector in a dark environment or at night does not require that many lumens. If it is for use during times like the day when natural light is abundant you will definitely need a projector that has a high number of lumens.

Throw Distance

You cannot take this consideration lightly because it is a big deal for using a projector outdoors. When we are talking about throw distance we are referring to the maximum distance the projector can cover to clearly cast visuals on a screen. One important thing to note is that the throw distance does not work in isolation. It works hand in hand with the dimensions of the screen you are using. Why is this so? The dimensions of a screen decide where the outdoor projector should be placed in such a way that perfect visuals are cast on it. Some simple maths to know here: the throw distance should be 1 square foot of the screen width per every 2 feet between the outdoor projector and screen. If you find that calculating this is a bit intricate you can alternatively just do trial and error till you place it at the right spot. So the best outdoor projector to buy should have a large throw distance.

Display Size

This is basically a function of the projector’s resolution. It gives an idea of the size of visuals that the outdoor projector can cast onto a display or screen. On average, it is wise to get a projector that has a display size from at least 100 inches.

The Best Outdoor Projector To Get

The kind of outdoor projector you should get should have certain features. There must be features such as high resolution and high contrast. The other one is high brightness – remember the aspect of lumens we spoke of earlier. There are Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors. DLP projectors have a more preferable contrast but which makes them superior to LCD projectors. The best outdoor projector to choose will also depend on what you want to use it for.

What Are The Prices Of Outdoor Projectors?

Typically, projector prices can span from around US$50 to several thousands of US dollars. Most projectors tend to range around US$500 which is regarded as affordable. 4K projector are much more expensive due to their superior qualities. Overall, outdoor projector prices can be anything between US$50 and US$10 000. In order for a outdoor projector to be considered cheap it should fall, on average, below US$500. Those considered expensive are those costing from around US$800 upwards.

The Best Outdoor Projector Brands

One of the most notable global projector brands is Optoma from Taiwan. There is also BenQ which again is from Taiwan. Epson, from Japan, is a globally recognised brand even in other things other than projectors. Then we have ViewSonic, from USA, which is also another noteworthy projector brand. There is also Nebula which is well known for making very compact and portable projectors.

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