Script Review: Is Bel Ami French for Hot Damn?

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Time to fan-girl over Rob and his talent once again WOOT!

Once the TwiSaga and Unbound Captives are done filming (update UC was bounced from Rob’s schedule indefinitely), Rob is set to star in Bel Ami which is an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s novella. It is scheduled to begin filming in Paris in 2010 with London director Declan Donnellan & set to release in 2011.

“It’s a totally amoral character,” who ruthlessly rises to power in French society, Robert Pattinson said, explaining that it’s a quite different role for him. (Variety)

Today, I’m going to give you my review of Bel Ami, with some Rob-lites and try to keep this as spoiler free as I possibly can, as per usual.


This time, however I am going to do this in two parts; today it’s all about plot and characters and tomorrow, I’m going to have a little fun and cast this movie…with your help of course.

Bel Ami – Drama – Period Piece – The story chronicles Georges Duroy’s corrupt rise to power from a poor ex-NCO (non-commissioned officer) to one of the most successful men in Paris, most of which he achieves by manipulating a series of powerful, intelligent, and wealthy mistresses. Set in the late 1800s or so.

Read about the characters, my general thoughts on Bel Ami and of course The Roblites after the hop…


  • Georges Duroy (Du Roy) – Robert Pattinson, an ex-soldier, journalist and a social climber
    • Described as 30 years old, handsome and on a number of occasion naked. Yes I said nekkid.
    • A charmer
    • He knows he’s beautiful, sexy, strong and he uses it to his advantage
  • Charles Forestier, Duroy’s former friend in the army, a journalist
  • Madeleine Forestier (Du Roy), Charles’s wife who helps her husbands write their articles and has lots of connections among the powerful
    • Described as intelligent, pale and mysterious, a goddess.
    • I view her as somewhat cold, measured and perhaps calculating as well. But not a bad person by any means.
    • I see her as the female equivalent of Georges.
  • Clotilde de Marelle, the Forestiers’ friend whose husband, a railway inspector, is away for long periods of time frequently
    • Described as dark (haired), warm, a goddess with a captivating smile. A key character & a very significant role.
  • Laurine de Marelle, their young daughter, who comes up with the nickname Bel Ami.
  • Monsieur Walter, the owner and chief editor of the Vie Francaise
  • Virginie Walter, his wife
    • Described as an elegant, demure red head with a quality of serenity and grace, she too is a goddess. She is more conservative and proper in comparison to the other women.
  • Susanne Walter, their marriageable daughter
    • Small role, not described in much detail other than looking like a little doll
  • Rachel, a prostitute to whom Georges turns to
    • Curly haired.
Menswear from the late 1800's, potential costumes.
Menswear from the late 1800's, potential costumes.

My general notes on Bel Ami

  • There absolutely no way they can make this film anything less that R-Rated, it could be NC-17 if they aren’t careful
  • The female roles in this film are strong and so varied that I really hope they cast some “name” actresses and not cast a relative unknown like with Remember Me
  • There will be nudity & sex…quite a lot of it.
  • Clotilde de Marelle in my view is the female lead opposite Rob in this film and casting this role is key
  • Costumes will be beautiful

The Roblites – could be considered spoilers

  • Will Rob have to master a French accent? Rob with a French accent WIN!
  • Georges-Rob naked on a bed in the sweltering heat WIN!
  • There is a lot of sex, not love making, f*cking yes there I said it. There is a big difference between the two. There’s maybe one tender sexual encounter.
  • We will get to see him do a lot of eye-f*cking and get a lot of it back from the females
  • Rob will have a very sweet scene with a little girl. Rob plus little kid is always a win…ovulating in 3-2-1!
  • There’s a part with Rob, the ladies and fruit that is very erotic.
  • So much sex, hmm I think I said that already *focus JAG*
  • we’ll see angry Rob, passionate Rob, conniving Rob, cruel Rob, begging Rob
  • Rob in period costume will be damn hot
  • Two Words “O face” yep!
  • Two more words “Happy Trail” *fans self*
  • & finally, all sorts of positions, in all sort of places
  • Update: don’t expect full frontal nudity for Rob, it is Hollywood after all. I expect we’ll see skin from the waist up and maybe a little butt cleavage on Rob but I think that’s probably it.

I know I’ve focused a lot on the sexual aspects of Bel Ami but the fact of the matter is the story is about Georges/Rob using his good looks, charm and sexual prowess to climb the social ladder. I know he sounds like a complete ass but I found myself unable to dislike his character…I thought long and hard about whether I was biased because Rob was in the role. Maybe a bit, but as I watched his character rise from poverty to the upper class, I saw him manipulate but also be manipulated. I think he hoped to find affection (I won’t even go so far as to say love) among his conquests but in the end he puts his ambitions ahead of that. Towards the end he makes a short but passionate speech about poverty and life that makes you understand his motives, his psyche and his drive to be successful.

Overall, sex aside, this is a great role for Rob. There are so many facets to this character that this role will be a nice challenge for Rob. Seriously, he has to take a completely self-serving, manipulative ass clown and humanize him…should be good.

PS. The ending meh…I didn’t particularly like it or dislike it, it was just meh.


Fave line

  • Georges/Rob “I am going to ruin you” WIN! WIN!

If you’d like to read the Novella Bel Ami it is available online, you can find it here.

Alright ladies, here’s the challenge. I want to cast the females in this film with your help. I have my faves in mind but I need you to nominate some actresses for Madeleine, Clotilde, Virginie and Rachel. Leave your nominees in the comments <3

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