Bel Ami Foreplay – Script Secret #1


Bel Ami Foreplay is just that, foreplay. Hurray for foreplay! We’ll take juicy bits from the script and share with you, our dear reader, she that has never opened a Christmas present she didn’t already know what was inside the wrapping paper! We’ll aim to get you all hot and bothered in anticipation of seeing Robert Pattinson aka ShagBert take it all off! Without further a-dood, here’s the first INSTALLment of Script Secrets!

Let’s visualize this for a moment….our 4-way after the jump!

Oh.hell.yes. Naked Rob for the win!

Our 4way reaction to the foreplay:

TBY789: I can’t get past the sweltering and naked part. It’s a beautifully descriptive and surreal scene.

MPWM: I looked away twice when I saw the word roach.  But I finally got to the naked part and was hooked. Then I put my finger over the word “roach” and imagined that he was flipping a cock instead (similar to flipping a bean perhaps?).

JAG: On the plus side: I pretty much die at the sweaty nekkid part and the thought of seeing his back draped across the bed but then…  On the bad side:  I think about him “exploding into action” No man looks good running naked…things flop and fly and slap around.

MRP: JAG, I’m pretty sure this was not the visual KSTEW was going for when she nicknamed Rob “Flippy.”

MPWM: Ew. You’re right JAG – there’s good naked and bad naked. And bad naked would involve killing a roach. In fact, bad naked is anytime there’s anything flopping in the breeze on a man’s body.

TBY789: There is only one kind of naked “exploding into action” I’m interested in and it does not involve smashing cockroaches.

So ladies, and uh, ladies, what do YOU think about le opening scene?! Share!

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