Can Robert Pattinson Rock a Skeezy ‘Stache in Bel Ami? Or Worse – a Never Ending Stachebeard?

By MP (aka WastingTheMorning)

There’s been a lot of speculation about Rob’s wooly bear look. I have to admit, when I first saw the full fledged beard plus flavor saver in the paparazzi pictures that came out around Christmas, I thought he was living la vida loca and had stopped shaving, working out, waking up before noon, and eating fruits/vegetables.

But the more research I do on Paris in the 19th century, the more I think that the facial hair is just Rob getting into character.  Plus, the longer the hair is, the more the costume peeps have to work with to try out different 19th century looks.

I feel like this post needs a John Denver “Country Boy” song. Never fear, I don’t own any John Denver music.  But just know that “mountain mama, take me home, country roads” is going through my mind cuz Rob looks like he could be making moonshine in the shack out back of his West Virginia country cabin.

I’ve seen a few vintage pictures of Parisian fashion while googling for Bel Ami info.  Rarely do the men NOT have facial hair.  Mustaches, oddly-shaped beards, and sideburns seemed to be fashionableSOOOO if you like your Rob freshly shaved, better brace yourself – you have a year or so to get over it.

Important note — nowhere in the script does it mention that Rob’s character Georges has a mustache or facial hair for that matter.  At least not in the version I saw.  However, as I stated before, it was a sign of the times.

But I digress…

Without further ado, here are some looks that Rob could very well be sporting in Bel Ami.  Brace yourselves.

Looks more upper-class – maybe when Georges has finally “made it”?

This next one will test the limits of your robsession for sure..

The never ending ‘stachebeard. *shudders*

Coattails, top hats, and disproportionate bodies.  HAWT!  Not!

*GASP* Covering up THAT jaw might be a crime punishable by Cougar Law!

This look I can handle.  From an article talking about how Ralph Lauren and other designers are trying to bring the 19th century back baby.

Bel Ami Costume people take note! Ralph Lauren knows how to make the 19th century HOT!

I must remind all of you that we’ve thought Rob was hot doing a wide variety of generally “not hot” things. Kissing a dead chick in “The Haunted Airmen”, tucking in Little Ashes, sitting in a dark corner like a creeper watching his man-crush get it on with a woman, etc.  Oh, and sneezing. Had to add that.  Wouldn’t be a post by MP if I didn’t mention the sneeze picture.

What do you think?  Can Rob bring the sexy back to twirly mustaches or jaw beards?




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