Holly Grainger Confirmed for Bel Ami

BelAmiFilm.com has received confirmation that Holliday (Holly Grainger) has indeed been cast as Suzanne as we first reported last week.

Robert Pattinson fans will recall Holliday (Holly) Grainger from The Bad Mother’s Handbook, she starred opposite him in 2007 as pregnant teen Charlie Cooper. We are very excited about this addition to the cast.  As we reported before:

In the script, the character of Suzanne is Mme Rousset (Kristin Scott-Thomas)  and Rousset’s (Colm Meaney) young daughter and is pivotal to the story. Young Suzanne Rousset is closely involved with Robert Pattinson’s character of Georges Duroy in Bel Ami.

Grainger and Pattinson in 2007s The Bad Mothers Handbook

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Protagonist Pictures confirms, via  Screendaily.com, Grainger’s role as Suzanne as well as the previously reported casting of Philip Glenister which BelAmiFilm.com also reported on last week.

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