The Fourgy’s Casting Couch – Who Should Play Rachel in Bel Ami?

From the Casting Couch, the Fourgy have been thinking about who we’d like to see play Rachel, the prostitute in Bel Ami.  The part of Rachel has yet to be cast, or the producers are keeping tight-lipped on their choice.

The Fourgy Votes … after the jump!

Just a Girl votes: NATALIE PORTMAN

Why?  “I vote for Natalie Portman, just because I would love to see the on-screen chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson.”

Natalie Portman

MyRobertPattinson Votes: Rachel McAdams

Why? “My pick is Rachel McAdams. The Notebook is my fave movie of all time, but I’d love to see her ho it up.”

Rachel McAdams

WastingtheMorning Votes: Kirsten Dunst

Why? “She makes a good afflicted type of character and I just think of Rachel as really screwed up (hence the prostitution).”

Kirsten Dunst

TBY789 Votes: Clémence Poésy

Why? “She’s beautiful, young, blonde and French.”

Clémence Poésy

Now keep in mind, these are just our casting choices and the studio and producers won’t necessarily agree with our brilliance. Tee Hee! We’ll pass on the official casting news as soon as we hear it.

If you were on the casting couch with us, who would YOU pick to play Rachel and why?

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