Bel Ami Movie: Presently Filming On Location

A source that wishes to remain anonymous has reported that Bel Ami is now filming interior scenes on location in London at various places, but not yet in a studio. Source explains, “some is being done on a set build at the end of the UK schedule.” As we previously reported, the London portion of filming is expected to wrap just before Easter. Per the script, the interior shots include a LOT of bedroom scenes, so Bel Ami is expected to be filming at various houses in London to accommodate different looks for these scenes. Bel Ami’s script also calls for interior scenes at a couple of churches and bars.

Interior of the church named in Bel Ami, the Ɖglise de la Madeleine in Paris

Please know that will not be posting any exact filming activities during the duration of filming out of respect for the cast and crew of this film.

Which scene are you most excited to see on the silver screen?

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