No Beard for Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami?!?

but what about a skeezy stache? has uncovered a juicy little tidbit of information. On Friday night Jayne Sharp Vitty spotted the elusive Robert Pattinson at one of his favourite London haunts, the Groucho club. The Groucho club is an exclusive members only club where Rob seems to be able to hang out in peace. This is no secret by the way, it’s a well known fact.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Jayne has let know exclusively that she sent the tweets regarding spotting Robert Pattinson AFTER he left the club. So his location was in fact not compromised while he was there. For that we <3 her.

That evening Jayne sent out some tweets, but what is interesting is the tweet she sent out on Saturday:

Tweet 1, click to make biggie

the rest of the tweets and what she reveals after the jump

Tweet 2
The tweet that tells the tale...

So there you have it, according to Jane Rob did not have a beard.

So what could this mean for Bel Ami, well 2 things:

  • they’ve decided to completely veer away from the literary description of Georges Duroy and his curly mustache and have Rob completely clean shaven for the film.
  • they’ve decided to, horror of horrors, use a STUNT STACHE. nooooooooooo Visions of Little Ashes dancing around my head and NOT in a good way

Jane doesn’t specifically say that he doesn’t have a mustache but if he was rockin’ a stache I am pretty sure it would have got a mention. Stay tuned because is on this story like a stache on a porn star!


Thanks to Jayne for her reply.

More details, click to make biggie
and there you have it. No stache.

Jayne is lovely and we appreciate her response.

For more info on Jayne, visit her wiki page.

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