Bel Ami Foreplay – Script Secret #3 Script Secret #3 visualizes Georges with Rachel, the prostitute. Last week we left off with: Will he or won’t he?

Let’s find out!

The thing is, Charles… I don’t have any evening clothes.

Another tiny pause, and then Charles digs into his pocket and brings out a couple of gold coins.

He throws them down on the table. Georges stares at them, as if they were magic.


Buy some, hire some – but come at seven thirty. Yes?



I must be off –

He downs his champagne –

Georges Duroy! Extraordinary!

And then he’s gone.
Georges looks at the gold coins on the table. Only now can he pick them up.

He immediately puts one coin away, safe, in his pocket.

He sees Rachel in one of the boxes, with her Fat Old Rich Man.
She perks up at the sight of Georges and the gold coin in his hand.
A real smile this time.

Get more dirty details after the jump!


Georges and Rachel, up against Georges’ door, still clothed, fucking.


Rachel has stayed the night. She is sitting cross-legged on Georges’ bed, naked save for her choker, pinning her hair up, curl by curl, while Georges watches, smoking his cigar.

Wow, what a way to start the week! So are you all hot and bothered now or what?

– Door fuck image courtesy of Robnipulations.

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