Disturbing? Let’s see what that REALLY means for Bel Ami.

For the past few days, my “Bel Ami” Google alert has bombarded my inbox with article titles such as Rob Pattinson calls sex with Uma Thurman disturbing and Robert Pattinson Afraid of Sex Scenes.  I have even seen titles that claim he said the sex scenes WERE disturbing – as if they’ve already happened and he’s already talking about them.  Really?

Get my opinion after the break…

Every media outlet seems to be picking up the potentially bogus interview with the Daily Record.  I’m not writing this to ponder whether the interview is real or not.  Maybe he really is watching Braveheart several times a day. Who knows.  I am here to take issue with the way the media organizations are twisting his words for attention.

The Daily Record claims that Robert said in an interview:

“The sex scenes with Uma are kind of disturbing. Her character kind of uses sex as a sort of weapon and my character thinks like an animal.”

Yes, he (potentially) says the sex scenes are disturbing.  I bet he regrets that particular choice of words as much as he regrets ever saying he enjoys Hot Pockets.

Hot Pockets and Disturbing Sex. These are a few of Rob's favorite things.. NOT!

But what does he mean? Does he mean HE will be disturbed filming them?  Um, no.  Does he mean he is afraid to film sex scenes?  Have you seen his leading ladies?  C’mon now.

My take on this interview is that the sex scenes with Uma Thurman’s character Madeleine are not necessarily the love filled scenes that make you wanna snuggle up to your plus one.  They are struggles for power and empty attempts at gaining love from a sexual partner.

See for yourself in this teaser/spoiler from the script:

He kisses her neck. She sighs, almost in spite of herself.  Georges is completely distracted, hands all over her.


No Georges – I want to work.

But he holds onto her. She sees that the quickest thing to do is give in.

Do you see how the word disturbing could apply now?

This interview is spinning out of control all over the internet.  And it’s making my head hurt.


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