Robert Pattinson & Bel Ami’s Adult Film Connection

So if you’ve ever decided to Google Bel Ami I have no doubt that you got the shock of you life didn’t exactly find what you were looking for.  Well it turns out Bel Ami is also the name of a fairly well known adult film company that seems to specialize in gay porn.

You may think that this is a complete coincidence, but think again.

Robert Pattinson plays Georges Duroy

Find out more about the Bel Ami film company after the jump…

Take a look at what I discovered about the other Bel Ami:

Bel Ami is a Bratislava-based pornographic film company established by George Duroy, who is Slovak. (His name is a pseudonym, based on the name of the protagonist Georges Duroy from Guy de Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami.) “Bel Ami” means “beautiful friend” in French.

Clearly the name choice was a conscious decision by the founder who I have no doubt, like the rest of us, had a hard soft spot for man-whore Duroy.

I first discovered the Bel Ami porn connection when I decided to monitor twitter a little more closely and I started to see tweets like this

::ScreenSpray:: so funny.

Needless to say my Bel Ami feed is so much fun and a lil scary at times.  We’ve learned lots of new words, my fave so far is fourgy teehee. Luv it.

So while it looks like Rob won’t be doing any Bel Ami studio films in the near future, anytime his name comes up in the same sentence as porn it can’t be all bad right LOL.

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Source for Bel Ami film company info

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