Once upon a time, there was another Bel Ami movie..

This is not the first time Guy de Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami has been made into a movie.  In fact, it was originally scripted in 1947 as “The Private Affairs of Bel Ami“.

The movie starred George Sanders as Georges. I bet he didn’t have too much trouble adapting on the set with his character’s name.  Hardy har har.

1940's version of the eff me eyes and sex hair

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Angela Lansbury played Clotilde (think Christina Ricci’s character).  Yep, that’s the Murder She Wrote woman. Hot?  Well, maybe by 1940’s standards…

Sex on Fire? Um, no.

Judging from this movie poster, the 1940’s version had a slightly different spin on Bel Ami than we may get from the 2011 version.

Sign of the times

And here’s a little Robert Pattinson twist.  According to IMDB,

“The producers held a contest for artists to create a painting about the temptation of Saint Anthony for use in the film. Although Max Ernst won the contest and got his painting on screen, Salvador Dalí‘s contribution (featuring a parade of spider-legged elephants tormenting the saint) became better known.”

And now we’ve come full circle.

Do you think the 2011 Bel Ami movie will trump the 1940’s version in sexiness?

Maybe the Dali connection is an omen and we should be expecting the “stunt stache” (aka the Dali stache) to make an appearance in the film?



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