Bel Ami Foreplay: Script Secret #4

Script Secret #4 takes us to Charles Forestier‘s house, post-tryst with Rachel, the prostitute. Georges has 2 coins remaining. He rents a suit and attends a dinner party at the Forestier house. It is here that Georges meets 3 very special women. Let’s see what happens!

INT. DRAWING ROOM – NIGHT The drawing room, to his surprise, is empty, except for a woman. She turns to greet him. She is a goddess.

I am Madeleine Forestier.

You’re Charles’ wife.

Madeleine is used to getting this reaction.

Please, sit down. Charles has told me all about you.

Thank you.

He takes a seat. He can’t take his eyes off her. She is wearing a dress of light blue cashmere, which clings to her body; her hair is swept up, revealing a haze of soft curls at her neck. She smiles at him, an exquisitely mysterious and intelligent smile.

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But then a bell rings, and Paul reappears.

Madame Francois de Marelle.

And Georges turns to see another goddess entering the room. She is as dark and warm as Madeleine is pale and mysterious. She wears a black dress that fits like a skin, and a fat pink rose in her hair. She has a captivating smile. With her is a child of six, LAURINE. She rushes to embrace Madeleine.

My favourite girl!

She so wanted to come, I couldn’t bear to say no.
(kissing Madeleine)
Hello, Mado. You mustn’t tell her father – it’s our little secret, isn’t it, my angel? Now, say hello.

Laurine solemnly holds her hand out for Georges to take. He bows to her.

Hello. My name’s Georges.

Good evening, Georges.

(taking Georges’ hand)
Hello, Georges. You can call me Clotilde.

Hello, Clotilde.

And you can kiss my hand.

He obliges. And then the bell rings again.

Madame Luc Rousset.

And a third goddess enters: an elegant, demure redhead in a high-necked gown. She has a wonderful quality of serenity and grace. He watches as the three women – the blonde, the brunette, the redhead – greet each other. He can’t decide which he likes the most. Mme Rousset offers him her hand. He instinctively bows as he takes it. They turn to him as one, smiling. And he sees his desire reciprocated in their gaze. He sees the way their eyes take in the curve of his muscles beneath the hired suit, the power and heat of his body barely contained by those stiff, formal clothes.

And, then, there is a commotion in the hall –

The men are here.

– and the spell is broken.

So now that you can put a face with the names and character descriptions, do you think Bel Ami got the casting right?

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