Folies Bel Ami Fridays – Rachel

INTRO – From the occasional series Folies Bel Ami Fridays, your host is the lovely Christina, aka tby789. For those of you who don’t know, she’s been known to write a smutty scene or two, and lucky for you, she is part owner of this blog!

Back in Script Secret #3, we learned that Georges took one of the three coins that made up his entire worth and spent it on the prostitute, Rachel. But all we find out is that there is some door action and we’re left with a (frustrating) fade to black. On special Folies Bel Ami Fridays, tby789 will e x p a n d upon those scenes that have left us a little…anxious for more. *wink*

Without further adéu,  please enjoy the sexiness that follows… after the jump!

The tiny room is dark and dusty; the receding sun stretches along the scarred floor. Muffled voices linger on the stairway, the sounds of horses and passersby on the street below,  filter through the open window. Yellowed, tattered curtains sway in the acrid breeze. The air is thick and sweltering.

Rough whiskers bristle along her jaw and neck, his deft fingers part her skirts and move beneath. The sound of rustling fabric fills the space between them and then suddenly, he is there. He presses – warm and hard – a gasp leaving her parted lips as she’s taken.

Her head rolls, meeting the door with a faint thump as he rocks forward, her body driven up and down the rough wood with each movement. His breath is hot and humid against her skin.

Her hand closes around the gold coin pressed into her palm, the metal cold and heavy against her fingers.

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