Bel Ami Foreplay: Script Secret #6

At the end of Script Secret #5, we leave the big dinner with Georges feeling on top of the world, invincible. He’s been hired on at the newspaper as a writer, but he hasn’t the faintest idea how to write. Madeleine has offered to lend him some writing advice, as upper-class women holding jobs was a big no-no in the 1890s and she could not, herself, work for the paper as a writer. Georges and Madeleine get to talking, and after Creative Writing 101, Madeleine gives Georges some pointers on the ladies. Let’s see how he reacts… after the jump!

I know what you meant. Let’s be very clear. I have no interest in being your mistress.

Georges chokes.


There is nothing more boring to me than an infatuated youth. I know perfectly well that love, for you, is an appetite. It makes idiots of you all. Look at me, please.

He obeys.

I will never be your mistress. Do you understand?


Sad Clown

Good. Then we can be friends – real friends – and I can give you some advice. Call on Mme Rousset. She likes you.



Mme Rousset likes me?


Not like that. Never like that. Her husband values her opinion above all others. One good word from her is worth more than ten years of grovelling to him.

Thank you.

Uh Huh

But you may very much enjoy a visit to my friend Clotilde. She is such wonderful company, and her husband is very often away.

Georges tries to read her. She nods at him, almost imperceptibly.

Gonna Get Me Somma Clotilde

If there’s ever any way in which I can repay your kindness –
Charles is a lucky man. If only I could marry a woman like you…

To his great surprise, she reacts with some confusion to this compliment, as if it touches her. Suddenly, something has shifted between them.

But, at that moment, the door opens and a tall man, much older than Madeleine, enters without being announced. He stops dead when he sees another man in the room. Madeleine immediately jumps up.

Comte, may I present Georges Duroy? We’re helping him get on his feet. This is the Comte de Vaudrec.

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