Bel Ami Gavotte Scene Extras Tweet from Set in Costume

A few extras from Bel Ami’s scenes at The Gavotte have been tweeting about their time on set with stars like Robert Pattinson and Christina Ricci. Here are some of their tweets and photos of them in costume!

From Gourounlian:

Bed time ! Early start tomorrow 3 days of shooting the Bel Ami Movie ! XxX night night beauties xxx 3:00 PM Mar 4th

:):):) baby its not the Bel Ami what you think :) ! How are you hahahahhh 9:08 PM Mar 4th

I am really well just frezzing my arse on the set! Doing a movie witb R-Pattz he is a cutie :)! How are you ? 11:35 PM Mar 4th

On SeT with R-Pattz anD ChRistina Ricci and Some ToPpless PEople around me :) oh I do LOve my JOb! X 12:39 AM Mar 5th

Wow I am frezzing on set but we are all having a great time x x x 9:28 AM Mar 5th

Just wanna thank you all for the beautiful messages! We are wrap for today day 2 tomorrow x x x night night everyone early start tomorrow about 22 hours ago

Good morning world! Day 2 of the shooting Bel Ami! 12 hours to go! Hope its going to be sunny last yesterday xxx about 13 hours ago

Chrispiper83 and Gourounlian

From LeeBinding:

In costume now. So much product in hair I look like seagull in oil slick. #belami 12:45 AM Mar 5th

Props! I have a fake cigar and a fake glass of fake champagne. Ah, movie magic. 2:25 AM Mar 5th

Oh dear. Have dropped fake cigar in fake champagne during fit of ‘acting’. #belami 3:05 AM Mar 5th

Loving the costume assistant. She’s come dressed as Amelia Earhart. 4:20 AM Mar 5th

Alas, no more filming for me. One day, when you’re older, I’ll tell you all about it… 9:51 AM Mar 5th

From chrispiper83:

What a day. Manic early start. Freezing cold. Then boiling hot. And galloping for 9 hours. Who says filming isn’t glamorous!!! 11:05 AM Mar 3rd

Off to fllm set. Shattered. Ready for my top hat and tails and R-Patz xx 1:43 AM Mar 5th

The bel ami boys!!! 12:36 PM Mar 5th

Chrispiper83 and Friends in Bel Ami Costumes

Thanks to RPLife

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