Oscar for Bel Ami hair and make-up artist?

Jon Henry Gordon, Bafta winner and Oscar nominee for his hair and make-up work on The Young Victoria, was interviewed recently by the Nottingham Evening Post. He had nothing but praise for the cast of his current project, Bel Ami.

“Uma is fantastic and an amazing woman but she’s got so much energy, it’s like, My God!

“Christina Ricci is just so adorable.”

“Then Robert Pattinson is such a lovely, lovely young man, not at all starry.

“He’s just a normal boy. We’ve had groups of girls turning up at all times of the day and night to see him.”

Well, if he has anything to do with the Shagbert hotness we’ve seen over the past few days, we’ll have our pom-pom’s out come Oscar time tonight.

Ohai there, Shagbert

You can catch the 82nd annual Oscars tonight at 8PM EST/5PM PST on ABC.