Bel Ami filmed Wednesday at Dorney Court near Windsor Castle

A big thanks to eagle-eyed reader Jill P., who got curious when she spotted tweets from local residents claiming to have seen Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman wearing Victorian-era clothes at Dorney Court. Jill emailed Dorney Court to confirm that it was in fact Bel Ami filming on Wednesday, March 24 and sent us the confirmation from Dorney Court staff!

Dorney Court is located in Berkshire, just 10 minutes from Windsor Castle. It has been home to the Palmer family for over 450 years, passed down from father to son over 13 generations. The luxurious dining room and lush gardens are no stranger to feature films. The Dorney Court website has an entire section dedicated to recruiting movie directors. This historic house is also open to the general public for tours.


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