VIDEO: 12 Minute Clip from ‘Bel Ami’ and Breakdown of the Scenes

A 12 minute video from Bel Ami hit YouTube tonight with five new scenes from the movie!

Scene 1: Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) enters a Catholic church and confronts Virginie Rousset (Kristin Scott Thomas) to apologize for offending her, then attempts to make out with her in a pew.

Georges Duroy and Virginie Rousset

Scene 2: Georges is getting his drink on at the Gavotte and makes eyes with a prostitute named Rachel (Natalia Tena), until he spots Charles Forestier (Philip Glenister) and the estranged friends reconnect.

Georges Duroy Eye-sexing Rachel the Prostitute

Scene 3: Fancy meal at Forestier’s place and lowly Georges does not know which knife to use for the first course of the meal. He meets all the ladies he will soon seduce.

Poor Georges is Out of Sorts

Scene 4: Georges shows up to Clotilde’s (Christina Ricci) house and meets Clotilde’s young daugther, Laurine Marelle (does anyone know who this precious girl is in real life?) Laurine names Georges “Bel Ami,” which is French for “my friend.”

Clotilde Introduces Georges to Laurine

Scene 5: Georges is at his dumpy apartment and tried to spruce it up for a rendezvous with Clotilde.

Georges and Clotilde About to Get Busy

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