AUDIO and Breakdown: Christina Ricci talks about Bel Ami and Robert Pattinson on BBC Radio 1

Christina Ricci talks about ‘Bel Ami’, Robert Pattinson, her English Accent, the Costumes on Radio 1 with Fearne Cotton Starts 1:16:45

Christina talks about attending the Bel Ami premiere in Berlin. She describes Bel Ami as “a dark, sexy period piece.” She says Robert Pattinson is a “lovely, lovely human being” and they “had so much fun together.” She said they laughed a lot and that they are both “very self-effacing and love to make fun of ourselves.” She talked about powering through naked scenes and that, as an actress, she knows that is sometimes expected and “you just suck it up and do it.” She talked about having an accent coach for 2-3 weeks for tackling her British accent in the film. About her faux-British accent, she said, “Rob would make fun of me, then I would make fun of myself and then I’d just do it again.” About the corsets she said, “the corsets were gorgeous,” but admitted, “they were not fun at all.” (duh! lol!)