Christine Ricci Had Fun Filming ‘Bel Ami’ with Robert Pattinson

“Sometimes you [forget the crew are there], it depends on how many days you’ve had your clothes off for.”

Christina appears alongside Robert Pattinson in the new movie Bel Ami, which is based on a book Guy de Maupassant. Robert plays Georges Duroy, who rises to prominence in Paris by duping a number of rich women.

Christina portrays Clotilde de Marelle and had to master a British accent for the role. She found it hard, with Robert continually pointing out her mispronunciations.

“Yeah, I had an accent coach who worked with me for about two to three weeks beforehand. I was constantly screwing it up,” she said in an interview on BBC Radio 1.

“American actors are just very lazy because we’re very rarely called upon to do accents. I should have just been better at it all the time. Rob would make fun of me and I would make fun of myself and then I’d do it again.”

Robert and Christina got along famously on set. He’s risen to fame thanks to his part in the Twilight series and Christina was amazed by how unaffected he seemed.

“He is a lovely, lovely human being he’s great. We had so much fun together, we are both very self-effacing and loved to make fun of ourselves and each other,” she explained.