Review: Movie Line Reviews ‘Bel Ami’

Movie Line reviewed Bel Ami at Berlinale. It’s a so-so review for the movie itself, but a terrible review for Robert Pattinson. Our leading man just can’t catch a break!

They’re the ones you remember, from Uma Thurman’s politically astute Madeleine Forestier, to Kristin Scott Thomas’s mouselike, aging skinny-minny Virginie Walters, to Christina Ricci’s Belle Époch sexpot Clotilde de Marelle. Pattinson, despite the fact that his character is trying to dominate these women, looks a little afraid of them: Perhaps paradoxically, he has more erotic wattage when he’s playing wan Victorian valentine Edward Cullen, his character in the Twilight movies. Here, in his stiff collars and glossy top-hats, he looks like a very lean bird dressed up for dinner, only he’s the one on the plate.

Read the rest here, if you dare.