Christina Ricci ­Is ­Promising A Hefty Slice of R-Patz In ‘Bel Ami’

The Mirror wrote a blurb about Bel Ami yesterday.

ChristinaRicci ­is ­promising Twi-hards a hefty slice of R-Patz pie in new movie Bel Ami… revealing that the Twilight star is naked ­throughout: “You get to see a lot of Rob in the movie,” she told me at Elle. “Twi-hards? Is that what they’re called? Yeah they will be happy; he’s naked most of the time. I was pretty relaxed about the ­nudity. I’m pretty happy with who I am now; that comes with age, as you know your body. Like most women, I have bad days but I try to eat ­healthily and work out and that’s what it’s about.”